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There was an extensive search that lasted for several days.  Joshua just seemed to have vanished.  Since no body has been recovered from the ocean, it is believed that Joshua did not go into the water.  There was no evidence of foul play by Joshua's truck.  Joshua's mother states that he would never willingly walk away.  Joshua played varsisty soccer in college, and sported a longer hair style.  When he moved back home after college, he cut his hair in order to begin a new job.  Please take a Close look at Joshua.  He may have his hair either way.

Joshua is missing from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  He is 5'10" and about 150 lbs.  He has black, medium length very curly hair.  He was last seen wearing brown baggy pants, a dark brown or dark colored Tshirt and white Tennis Shoes.

Here is a link to some printable labels of Joshua.  Add them to ALL out going mail, packages, backside of business cards etc.

The lables can be purchased at Wal-Mart. 


Links for printable fliers...

Please post these any and every where possible.  Let's help bring Joshua home!

Thank you for your time and support!

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